What is Ritual Gatherings?

Ritual Gatherings is an annual interdisciplinary cultural festival, which combines music, contemporary art, traditional rituals, culinary and hands-on environmental practices.

Ritual Gatherings is a transformative, thought-provoking gathering that celebrates cultural diversity and empowers communities to collaborate and exchange knowledge and ideas on the meaning, purpose, value and wonder human existance.

The festival serves as a creative mediator between culture and societies to start the conversation about personal, but also common values and identity, through raising awareness about issues related to ecology, human rights, gender equality, and other matters of contention by highlighting the fact that we are all in this together and only together we can solve it.
Ritual Gatherings is comprised of three main components:
  • Forum 2 days of keynotes, presentations, workshops, dialogue and exchange of knowledge and best practices between artists and professionals in the CCIs (Culture and Creative Industries)
  • Ritual Dinner A special opening dinner, bringing artists, partners and public together around one big table on the beach, bringing down all barriers and creating an environement of togetherness and inclusion.
  • Festival A rich artistic program comprising of live performances, exhibitions, DJ sets, workshops, holistic practices and more.
The festival expands throughout the year with a variety of activities such as workshops, volunteering initiatives and series of small events across Bulgaria.
Explore. Experiment. Expand.

Our Pillars

The Ritual Gatherings concept is based on 5 pillars - nature, music, art, rituals and food – all fundamental components of the cultural identity of each person, community and nation.

Through these five elements, Ritual Gatherings creates a space where we can all learn, play, listen, express, dance, laugh, support, create, participate and evolve together.