The E.M.A. Research (Electronic Music Audience) is the first study of the audience of electronic music in Bulgaria, which aims to measure how many people in our country are interested in electronic parties, clubs and festivals, what their consumer behavior and preferences are, as well as to collect demographic data about them.

The 2022 survey was held with the support of Metropolis, EXE, FAZA, Isterika, The Guild, That Divine, Sunday Bunch, MOVE, Nie, Simple Spaces, art hub ReBonkers in Varna, TAM in Veliko Tarnovo, as well as Carrusel clubs, KEVA, KUPE, Koncept Space, PM Club, and Zino in Shumen; Also included in the survey were the Wake Up Stranjah, Lost Gipsy Land festivals, along with the label No Orders and Where We At. Traditional partners of Ritual Gatherings, which also supported the study, are Sound Ninja Music Academy, the organizers of Sofia Pride - "GLAS" Foundation, as well as the Bulgarian electronic music media Fonoteka Elektrika.

The initiative included almost all the key organizations that make up the club scene in our country, most of which are concentrated in Sofia, but the organizers also connected with spaces and organizations in Varna, Shumen, Veliko Tarnovo, and encouraged anyone who wants to opt in to share the poll.

See the results from the first Electronic Music Audience Research (E.M.A. Research) in Bulgaria below:

EMA Research Results



Download the advanced result correlations by Age Group, Gender, Education, Income, Work Area, and Relationship by registering ON THIS LINK:

EMA Research Advanced Results