The Ritual Gatherings festival kicks off a three-day artistic and cultural experience on Kamchia beach on June 30th with a ritual dinner on the beach.

After more than a three-year break, Ritual Gatherings will once again bring together over 100 people for a large family-style beach diner that will remind us of the small but important things in life - togetherness, community, sharing and caring. Ritual Gatherings festival starts on June 30th, adhering to the tradition of starting the three-day experience with a Ritual Dinner, which this year will be located between the gorge of Kamchia River, the sea, and the typical local white dune. The nomadic dinner is the element that everyone talks about long after it's over.

The dinner doesn't rely on exotic products, luxurious tables, or rare animal species on the plates. On the contrary, it aims to convey a message of sustainability, support for local producers and food, whose origins we are aware of, even if we know a little about where it comes from. For the people who are involved.

Food is one of the main factors in human impact on nature, so this dinner will remind us of this and unite us around the cause of protecting disappearing animal species and their habitats. Located right on the border between the sea, river, and forest, the beach will turn into a restaurant with a roof of millions of stars, and the food will be rich, summery, delicious, created by two highly skilled chefs - Chef Vladislav Penov from Cosmos Restaurant and Chef Philip Spasov.

To find out more about the menu and the value it brings - not only nutritional but also symbolic - the ritual of togetherness around the table, zero waste, family atmosphere and memories of our favourite Bulgarian summer, follow the online edition of Bacchus magazine.

Ritual Gatherings: Traditional Rituals and Interactive Contemporary Art - Mechanisms for Building Communities and Achieving Sustainable Cultural Ecosystems” (Project BGCULTURE-2.001-0117-C01) is implemented with the financial support provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism to the amount of EUR 199,984. The project is part of the OP “Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation” Result 2 “Improved access to arts and culture”.