The Ritual Gatherings music and contemporary art festival is coming to Oreshak on May 7 with a special event featuring one of the most popular music producers in Bulgaria, native of Troyan - Ivan Shopov and exhibitions of the most passionate local artists - Ivan Mutafov, Rumen Georgiev, Mila Vodenicharova, Veska Koleva and Neda Licheva

The results of the survey conducted in the months from January to April focusing on the cultural life in Troyan and the preferences of the audience in the city show that its residents need different formats of events and entertainment. Almost half, 41%, noted that they would like to have more music festivals. The same number, 41%, responded positively about music concerts as a form of cultural life they would like to see more often in Troyan. At the same time, one in three attend cultural events less than once a month, and 27% more than once a month. It is positive news that only 5% say they do not attend any cultural events. Most often, Troyan residents go to the theater - 56%, followed by exhibitions - 45% and cinema - 39%. Over a third said they attend folklore festivals, the same number go to music concerts. Ballet and electronic music events are the least common art forms by the public, which is explained by the lack of this type of arts in the city.

The survey also provides interesting information about the reasons for attending cultural events - the majority, 62%, see them as entertainment, and for 58% they are a means of enhancing their general culture. 40% feel an intrinsic need, and just over a third feel curiosity.

Already in May, the Ritual Gatherings Music and Contemporary Art Festival will bring a new sound and music to the city, with a special event featuring one of Bulgaria's most popular music producers, native of Troyan - Ivan Shopov. On May 7, in the courtyard of the National Exhibition of Arts and Crafts (NIHZI) - Oreshak, between 12 and 6 pm, will be presented exhibitions of some of the most well-known local artists - Ivan Mutafov and Mila Vodenicharova. All visitors will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge or satisfy their curiosity by taking part in various workshops - an open pottery lesson in two directions, painting on a tile and wheel turning with Rumen Georgiev, wood carving and chisel work with Veska Koleva and Trayan Dimitrov, an open lesson on painting on glass candlesticks with Neda Licheva, a lesson on survival in the mountains from Ivan Mutafov - mountaineer and teacher at the school for mountain guides in Cherni Osam.
Responding to the wishes of the audience, the organizers have prepared an interesting musical program, which includes one of the most familiar faces of the city of Troyan - the musician Ivan Shopov, known for the combination of folk, jazz and electronic music in his productions. Shopov is an artist, musician, producer, composer and innovator, who has gained great popularity worldwide and in his country with his collaborations with the master of the kavala Teodosii Spasov and the folklore formation Avigeya. Ivan Shopov has participated in over 250 musical releases, including a number of solo and collaborative albums, creating a bridge between our musical history and the contemporary taste of today's audience. This has made him one of the leading figures on the European electronic scene, and in his endless international appearances he has also reached the USA, South America, Russia, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

"Troyan is one of the richest cities in cultural terms. It keeps many valuable traditions and plays an important role in preserving our cultural heritage. We want to show this richness, but also highlight it through contemporary art and music. The results of the survey we initiated show good interest from the public, but very little diversity and innovative approaches in the presentation of art. Our desire is to bring a fresh perspective and approach to the cultural life of the city. The event will be special and different and will show a new look of the city of Troyan" - say the organizers of Ritual Gatherings.

The event and the activities are completely free and with free entrance.
For more information about the event, follow the Facebook event here and at https://ritualgatherings.com/

The audience survey was initiated by the Ritual Gatherings Cultural Festival and aims to identify the desires, motivations, frequency and type of events preferred by the local audience. It involved 100 people, aged between 18 and 55+, living and working permanently in the city. In parallel, the local cultural and folklore heritage, in particular the specific rituals and traditions in the municipality of Troyan, their preservation, development and promotion through interactive methods were also explored. On the basis of this information, the organizers will prepare a cultural profile of the municipality to support it in the strategic development of the local cultural scene.

Ritual Gatherings an annual interdisciplinary cultural festival accompanied by a series of urban events that combines music, contemporary art, traditional rituals, culinary and practical ecological practices.

Ritual Gatherings 2022 will be a unique 5-day July Morning experience, divided into two parts: a 2-day forum in the city of Varna with presentations and discussions aimed at people from the creative industries, followed by a 3-day festival on the beach at the mouth of the Kamchia River with an evening music program with live bands and popular names from the global and local electronic scene, a contemporary Bulgarian art exhibition on the beach, discussions, workshops on spiritual practices, sports activities and activities for children.

Ritual Gatherings: Traditional Rituals and Interactive Contemporary Art - Mechanisms for Building Communities and Achieving Sustainable Cultural Ecosystems” (Project BGCULTURE-2.001-0117-C01) is implemented with the financial support provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism to the amount of EUR 199,984. The project is part of the OP “Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation” Result 2 “Improved access to arts and culture”.