The Ritual Dinner

Chef Filip Spassov &
Chef Vladislav Penov | Cosmos Restaurant

June 30 2022,
Kamchia Beach

The Ritual Dinner is that unique element of Ritual Gatherings, our opening ritual, that brings us all together around one big table. Artists, partners, guests and organizers - people of different cultures, ages, nationalities, with different professions and interests, representing the diverse and colorful ritual family that we are.

On the Eve of July Morning, we join forces with two of the best chefs in the country and their teams - Chef Filip Spassov and Chef Vladislav Penov – “Cosmos” Restaurant, to welcome 150 guests at a 60 meter-long table, nested between the sea, the river and the white dune, for an experience dedicated to life in harmony with one another and with Mother Nature.

Based on old traditional Bulgarian recipes with elements from emblematic Bulgarian rituals, woven into each course through the ingredients and the way that each dish is prepared, the Ritual Dinner gives you the opportunity for a more intimate feeling of what Ritual Gatherings is.

The Ritual Dinner also carries the message of sustainability and reducing the human footprint on nature, this is why it will offer a completely zero waste menu, prepared with products from local producers, typical of the Northeast.


We offer 3 types of tickets for the dinner:

  1. DINNER + July Morning Eve (30.06) TICKETS – Ticket that gives you access to the dinner and the first night of the Ritual Gatherings Festival – July Morning Eve
  2. DINNER + Full Festival (30.06 + 1.07 + 2.07) – Ticket that gives you access to the dinner and all the full festival until its end on the 3rd of July
  3. AAA (Opening Ritual Dinner included) - Access All Areas pass that includes The Ritual Dinner. (Please note that there is also an AAA pass that DOES NOT include the dinner.)


Amuse Bouche “NISHAN”
Seafood Option: Black sea mussel salad, tarragon, honey sea pickle with lovage, served on dry ice and of oyster ladle
Veggie Option: Veggie oyseter “Rockefeller”, farm egg, sea foam, butter sauce, Panko

Wine : Korten Natura Muscat & Dimyat 2019

Rose omatoes, fermented sheep yogurt "Krokmach", fresh sheep cheese, baked peppers, sourdough bread

Wine: Korten Natura Muscat & Dimyat 2019
Rakia: Korten мускатова отлежала

Warm Appetizer “PASTIR”
Meat Option: Beef tongue, zero waste consommé, summer Kamchia pickle
Veggie Option: Forrest mushrooms, zero waste consommé, summer Kamchia pickle

Wine: Korten Natura Mavrud&Rubin 2020

Main Course “PODNITSA”
Meat Option: Airdried Sturgeon, cooked with lovage, kale, citrus sauce
Veggie Option: Charred aubergine, smoked garlic skordalya, lovage, kale, citrus sauce with walnuts

Wine: Korten Natura Rose Melkin 55 2021

Dessert “LAZARKA”
Charred apricots, almonds, verbena, citrus pepper

Wine: Boutique Collection Muscat Liqueur 2010

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